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Danielle Aguas

Development Director

Danielle joined the TERI team in the Fall of 2023 with 13-year career background in leadership development, having worked with a variety of Fortune 500 companies and Ivy League Universities on topics ranging from strategic planning, high performing teams, to multigenerational leadership.

Prior to joining TERI, Danielle worked at San Diego's third-largest Executive Training company, where she collaborated with the CEO who chaired the advisory board, leading TERI's inaugural capital campaign to bring this bold vision of a new campus to life. It was this experience that laid the foundation for her deep connection with TERI, making her decision to join the TERI family years later a natural and enthusiastic choice.

As a Development Director, Danielle's focus is on both the Campus of Life Campaign and supporting development projects to grow an engaged community of TERI support from donors, influencers, and corporate partnerships. Her passion is to help foster intergenerational and neurodiverse environments that will make an enduring impact on the TERI mission.

As a close neighbor to the Campus of Life, it's not uncommon to see Danielle enjoying a glass of wine with her husband Alex as their two kids dance to live music at TERI Common Grounds.

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