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Lina Cardenas

Sr. Marketing & Creative Manager

Lina is a seasoned professional infusing the nonprofit realm with over 35 years of diverse expertise in administrative sales and marketing operations. With a rich background spanning retail distribution, direct mail services, database solutions, real estate, biotechnology, and senior living industries, Lina brings a wealth of experience to her role.

In her capacity as the Senior Marketing & Creative Services Manager, Lina orchestrates the development and execution of comprehensive strategies aimed at amplifying awareness and advancing the TERI brand. From assisting with fundraising endeavors to nurturing the success of the organization's microbusinesses, she is the driving force behind integrated initiatives encompassing advertising, email marketing, social media engagement, website optimization, SEO enhancement, public relations, event management, content creation, design, photography, and video production.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lina is an experienced entrepreneur, crafting captivating websites (even for TERI!), while also lending her time to volunteer work within her church and lending her voice to the worship team. A connoisseur of music and podcasts, she cherishes moments spent with family and embraces the joys of grandmotherhood as "Lola" to her grandson.

Driven by a personal connection to her cause—nurtured by her experiences as a sibling to an adult brother with developmental challenges—Lina is fueled by a profound commitment to leveraging her talents for tangible change in the lives of disabled individuals. For her, the most fulfilling aspect of her role lies in the direct impact she makes, and she feels privileged to contribute to TERI, a company she describes as having "a soul."

Lina's educational journey began at Chapman University, where she laid the foundation for her career, and today, she resides just moments away from the campus, deeply rooted in her community and her mission to make a difference.

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