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Natalie Hill

Equestrian Director

A life-long horse lover, Natalie Hill loves watching the TERI clients celebrate their abilities and unlock new possibilities all on the back of a horse. Her mission is to help each individual, whether horse or human, achieve their full potential.

Since she was a girl, Natalie dreamed about working with horses. After volunteering at TERI’s Equestrian program in high school, she began her equestrian career as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist. But it didn’t take her long to discover that her true passion was helping both horses and people as a therapeutic riding instructor.

A student of natural horsemanship, she is an accomplished horsewoman who develops training strategies for each unique horse personality. And she applies her knowledge of equine physiology to ensure that all of the horses at the TERI barn enjoy optimal health and quality of life.

Natalie is certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and Equine Myofascial Release.

She believes that every person can benefit from equine interaction, and she strives to create a healthy environment where both clients and horses thrive so that they can achieve new physical and emotional milestones.

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