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Peter Moceri

Food & Beverage Director

Chef Peter Moceri, an American culinary virtuoso originally from Detroit, Michigan, infuses his creations with vibrant flavors inspired by his Eastern European and Asian heritage. With a firm belief in the essence of scratch cooking, he transforms fresh ingredients into unforgettable culinary adventures for both his guests and himself. Beginning his culinary journey at the age of 10 within his family's enterprises, he climbed the ranks through dedication and hard work.

While often described as self-taught, Chef Pete emphasizes that his expertise is indebted to a diverse array of esteemed mentors in both culinary and industrial realms. His unwavering passion for flavor and sustainability propels his mission forward, seamlessly blending the rustic charm of farm-to-table cuisine with the innovation of molecular gastronomy.

Following two years of traversing the nation as a leader in culinary operations, imparting wisdom and expertise to various institutions, Chef Pete has chosen to make California his home. As the Food and Beverage Director for TERI Common Grounds Café & Coffee Bar at the TERI Campus of Life, he injects a breath of fresh air into the culinary landscape of San Marcos. Under his guidance, TERI Common Grounds offers an eclectic mix of offerings, including an acclaimed café, coffee shop, private dinners, live concerts, and catered events, all showcasing his remarkable talent and versatility.

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