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Steven Wilson

Facilities Operation Manager

Steven Wilson serves as the Facilities Operations Manager at TERI Campus of Life. With over 15 years of experience in building maintenance, Steven has journeyed through diverse roles in sales, hospitality, retail, and consulting, showcasing his adaptability and problem-solving skills.

Steven's career story began at just 16, when he started as a part-time technician in building maintenance. Over time, he climbed the ladder from the ground up, proving that dedication and hard work can pave the way to success, even without a college degree.

Before joining TERI Campus of Life, Steven worked with notable organizations like Carlsbad Community Church, where he excelled as a Certified Installation Consultant and Maintenance Manager. Now, as our Facilities Operations Manager, Steven ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Steven's achievements speak volumes—he's certified in OSHA safety standards and received a Perfect Attendance Award during his consulting role. In 2018, he set a CIC Sales record, demonstrating his knack for exceeding expectations and driving results.

Beyond work, Steven is all about family first. He enjoys live music, traveling to new places, seeking out thrilling adventures, and sharing a good local brew with friends. His passion for sports and love for tattoos add color to his vibrant personality, making him a well-rounded and engaging professional both inside and outside the workplace.

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